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  • Business Travel Visas

    In Case You’re Wondering, Here are the Top Countries for Business Travel!

    Business Travel Visas

    Business travel is booming around the world. With faster, more efficient planes, wifi basically everywhere you could want it, and more international trade, the business travel sector is expected to grow 3.7% year-over-year for the next decade. The greatest growth is happening in emerging economies like Rwanda, Myanmar, and of course, China.

    But what are the best destinations to visit for travel? Where’s the best place to do business internationally? Check out some of the top destinations around the world that business travelers are talking about.

    And remember that if you need help with business visas, we can help.

    The Best Country to Set Up a Business – New Zealand

    You may be surprised to learn that New Zealand has held the top spot amongst best countries to start a business in for a few years. It’s easy to get credit, permits, a building, and to have your contracts enforced in New Zealand. It doesn’t rank well for trading across borders, but New Zealand still manages to beat out Singapore (second) and Denmark (third) for the top spot. (The US is eighth.)

    The Country that Travels the Most for Business – China

    This might be a surprise, too. What’s not surprising is that the US is second, and together, the US and China vastly outspend all other countries in business travel. It’s also quite likely that a great deal of that business travel is happening between the US and China. Which one is the most visited for business? We’re not sure, but surely it’s one of the two. China spent almost $318 billion on business travel in 2016, the US spent $284 billion, and third place was Germany — way, way down at $68 billion.

    Most Beloved City by Business Travelers – London

    A huge hub of finance for Europe (though that may change in the next decade post-Brexit), a great deal of international business is conducted in London, and while it isn’t the cheapest or easiest town to visit, it’s one of the most fun. For American business travelers, not having a language barrier is convenient, and so is the easy access to amazing nightlife, pubs, restaurants, theater, and history.

    Best Place to Extend a Business Trip – Sydney

    According to Travel & Leisure, if you’re looking to take a business trip that can extend into a vacation, Sydney, Australia, is the place to do it. Sydney has amazing culture, beautiful sights, adventures for thrill-seekers, and pristine beaches for alleviating stress. Other cities on this list include Paris, Amsterdam, and Vancouver, Canada.

    If you need help getting your hands on expedited business visas for these or any other travel destinations, we’re always here to help. We can also help with expedited business passports for your team and with managing your company’s travel documents for you.

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