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  • Beyonce Passport Photo

    Celebrity Passport Photos: Who Nailed It?

    People Magazine always has a few pages dedicated to pictures of celebrities doing things that regular people do. The headlines are always something like, “Rock stars: they pick up their dry-cleaning, too!” It seems like a no-brainer, but it is always a bit surprising seeing famous people in ordinary situations. We recently stumbled upon passport photos of several celebrities, and we just had to share. Take a look at some of your favorite stars in their passports. Some of these celebs look perfectly normal, while others simply can’t hide their star quality.

    Johnny Cash – The Mug Shot

    John Cash used this passport in the 60s and 70s. We just love his oversized puff of hair and that grim expression. He looks as though he’s getting ready to record another album in a prison with this passport pic.

    Beyoncé - The Girl Next Door

    We love this cute shot of Beyoncé before she reached super-stardom. This photo may have even been taken before her days in Destiny’s Child, but that didn’t keep her from carrying around this celebrity passport for a solid 10 years. You have to wonder how many double-takes Beyoncé got from immigration agents checking her passport as she jet-set in rock star style around the world with this passport.

    Pope Francis – The Super Star

    Even the Pope needs to carry a passport! Pope Francis looks a bit stern in this picture, which has got to be intimidating for any customs officer given the task of checking this passport. Wouldn’t it be great if he had worn a Hawaiian shirt in his passport photo, just to throw people off?

    Mr. Bean - The Joker

    Okay, this one isn’t a real passport photo, but we really wish that it was. Imagine how fun it would be if you could take such a silly photo for your passport. It would probably help you get through customs a lot faster in some countries and cause a serious holdup in others.

    Marilyn Monroe - The Beauty Queen

    Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a photo of Marilyn Monroe where she doesn’t look amazing, even in her passport. We would be willing to bet that this passport is currently in the hands of a collector and among the most valuable US passports currently in existence.

    If your passport is out of date and doesn’t reflect your current star status, contact the Swift team to get a new passport in a hurry. And, if you’d like some additional tips on how to take a passport photo you can be proud of, check out our blog entitled “How to Take a Stellar Passport Photo”.

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