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  • How to Get a child's passport quickly.

    How to Get a Child’s Passport Quick… No, Quicker!

    How to Get a child's passport quickly.

    Your family vacation is coming down the pike, but you forgot one little detail. Your little travelers need passports, too. Yes, all children need passports to travel overseas, the US Department of State stresses. This applies to newborns on up, regardless of your child’s age.

    How to get a childs passport quickly is a question we see a lot online, and we have the answer right here at Swift Passport and Visa Services. Our expedited child passport services can process your children’s passports in as little as one business day, provided you go through the proper steps to ensure the passport is processed without a hitch.

    Visit a Passport Acceptance Agent

    Child passport are for children age 0 to 15 years of age, and the same steps apply for a new passport and a renewal. Your first step is to head to a passport acceptance agent with your child, both parents and several required documents. These include:

    • Proof of US citizenship
    • Proof of parental relationship
    • Photo ID (the child’s if he has one, yours if not)
    • Parental consent
    • Passport photo
    • Application form DS-11
    • Government passport fees

    If one parent has sole custody or a second parent is unable to attend, you may present a signed and notarized Form DS-3053 that gives the absent parent’s consent.

    The agent will then administer an oath, execute your application form, have both parents sign it, and then place all materials in an envelope bearing an official seal. You’ll be asked to pay a passport fee based on the type of passport you choose.

    Send Your Materials to Swift

    Your next step is to send the sealed envelope to Swift, including copies of any of the necessary documents that may not have been placed in the envelope. Your package to us should additionally include proof of departure within two weeks, two original letters of authorization downloaded from Swift and, if not already included, a copy of the parents’ ID.

    Send the materials via UPS or FedEx, as we need to submit the materials within five business days. Unless otherwise instructed by one of our specialists, send materials to our Chicago office at:

    Swift Passport Services

    1 East Erie St, Suite 525
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Your Little Traveler’s Passport

    Depending on the type of expedited service you choose, we’ll process your little traveler’s passport in one to 12 business days. Head to our expedited child passport page to get the ball rolling today, and feel free to contact us with any questions so we can help you keep your family vacation right on schedule!


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