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  • Destinations with the Heftiest Travel Visa Fees

    Swift has compiled a list of countries that impose the heftiest travel visa fees on Americans.

    When making plans to visit a foreign country, it can be all too easy to overlook the fact that you might need a visa to enter that country. An even easier fact to overlook can be the cost of the visa itself.

    Banknotes from Yugoslavia, Eritrea and CongoSeveral of the countries that require Americans to have travel visas have simple application processes and low fees, such as Australia and Vietnam. In fact, to visit Thailand you don’t even need to get your visa before you visit the country. However, other countries make it quite a bit harder for Americans to enter. For example, with all of the recent and continuing turmoil surrounding Russia, some Americans are having a hard time entering the country, and they’re facing hefty visa fees when they do.

    Below we’ve listed some of the destinations with the most expensive visas for Americans. While all of these countries offer excellent reasons to visit and are worth seeing, make sure that before you buy your plane ticket you understand what type of visa process and fee you will be dealing with.

      Brazil – It currently costs $180 to obtain a travel visa to Brazil. The visa office has been quite busy thanks to Carnival and the upcoming World Cup, as well as Brazil’s many permanent tourist attractions. Be sure to add this visa to your costs when budgeting for your trip, and also be sure to apply early.  
    The Congo
    – The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a fascinating place to visit, but plane tickets here can cost you an arm and a leg. When shopping for the cheapest flight, remember that you’ll also pay $200 per person for a visa to the Congo which is no small fee.

    Russia – A Russian visa can take months to process and requires a pretty stringent application. In addition, this travel visa will set you back $173, so keep that figure in mind before making travel plans.

    BangladeshBangladesh may be a small country, but it asks for a large visa fee. Traveling to this beautiful local will set you back $160 per travel visa.

    NigeriaNigeria visas top the list as this country charges more than any other for an American travel visa. To see this unique African nation, you’ll have to pay a whopping $275 per visa.

    If you’d like to see a full list of the most expensive travel visas that are available, read this story from the Huffington Post and remember, before you start packing and planning, keep these visa fees in mind so you’re not shocked when the time comes to apply.

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