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  • Traveling to Russia May Just Get Easier

    A bill has been proposed in the Russian government that would make it easier for foreigners to visit the country by lengthening the duration of Russia visas.

    Traveling to Russia has never been a simple endeavor for Americans. We’ve obviously had a strange history with the country, and now with everything that’s happening in Crimea, visiting Russia hasn’t gotten any easier. Many countries are actually issuing sanctions against Russia visas for their own citizens. Every year more people leave Russia to visit other countries than come to visit, but the Russian government is actually hoping to change all of that.

    A bill has been proposed in the Russian government that would make it easier for foreigners — including Americans — to visit Russia. The bill has actually been approved by the Commission of the Government on legislative activities, but it must still be reviewed at a government meeting before it can be turned into law. (Please don’t ask us to be any more specific about how the Russian law-making process works — we have enough trouble understanding our own Congress!)  Russia Visa

    The measures in the bill aim to increase the number of tourists to Russia and strengthen business relationships with other countries. The bill will do this by increasing the maximum duration for a travel visa from just thirty days to six months. The bill will also optimize the application process for obtaining a Russian visa, making it easier for Americans and other non-Russians to visit.

    Political issues aside, Russia has never been a particularly easy place to visit. Even for people visiting from Europe, getting to Russia can be a very long travel experience, and the government has never exactly been known for being friendly to tourists. Hopefully, though, this new bill will make it easier for people around the world to visit and make connections with the people of Russia.

    Getting Your Russia Visa

    If you need a Russia visa now, you should go about applying according to the current standards. It’s unlikely that any changes that come about from this bill will go into effect immediately, so you shouldn’t sit back and wait. The Russian visa application is notoriously difficult, and receiving your documents can take quite a long time, so get your application in as soon as you can in order to help ensure that your travel plans move ahead as scheduled.

    Of course, if you need any help obtaining your Russia travel visa, the team at SPS is always here to help. We have plenty of experience helping students, tourists, and business people obtain Russia visas as quickly as possible. Call SPS today at (877) 917-9438 to learn more about our expedited services.

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