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  • Business Travel Visas

    Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Travel Procurement

    Business Travel Visas

    Your business is part of a global marketplace. The world is only getting smaller as more and more companies work together to strengthen ties and facilitate commerce both locally and across the globe. Whether your company is looking to expand its reach or is already an international player, working internationally means business trips, exciting partnerships, and a more successful future for your organization.

    Unfortunately, international business travel also means passports, letters of invitation, statements about your business plans, and complicated business visa applications.

    Thankfully, none of those complications and hassles are things you need to handle on your own. Rather than attempting to juggle passport renewals and visa applications for everyone on your team – whether that’s a team of five or five thousand – you can hand those responsibilities over to a passport and visa service company like Swift. We work with everyone from budding startups to Fortune 500 companies to ensure that all of your passport and visa needs are covered, allowing you to keep your focus on your business.

    Here are three reasons to consider outsourcing your travel procurement needs to Swift:

    1. Saved Time & Energy

    Business visa application rules change constantly. Countries like India, China and Russia regularly update their business visa rules and regulations in response to changing technologies and shifting international relationships.

    You could designate someone in your office to be responsible for understanding and complying with all of the current standards, securing visas for everyone on your team who needs them. Or you could make it the responsibility of each individual employee to secure their own visas as needed. But in either situation, a completely understandable lack of expertise will lead to mistakes, missed deadlines, and a whole lot of wasted time and frustration.

    Here at Swift, we have over 50 years of combined experience working with all of the major consulates. It’s our job to stay on top of all the latest rule changes and to track consulate busy seasons and holidays. By outsourcing your travel document needs, you can rest assured that your documents will be ready when you need them.

    1. Saved Money

    Trying to stay on top of complicated business visa applications on your own will, again, lead to a lot of wasted time and energy – and time is money. Wouldn’t you rather have your employees spending the time leading up to big business trips focusing on their presentations or the relationships they’re hoping to forge rather than trying to figure out why their visa application was rejected yet again? Every employee is paid a salary to do a specific job, and if they have to put time toward figuring out their travel documents instead, that’s time they don’t have for your business.

    Of course, outsourcing your travel document procurement does come at a cost, but for the service and peace of mind that comes with it – not to mention the stress the service takes off of your employee’s shoulders – that cost ends up being well worth it.

    1. Saved Worry

    No business is an island that can run and function completely on its own. A business relies on its employees to do their jobs, its customers to partake in its goods or services, and other businesses to help it run more efficiently and effectively.

    When you need to get lunch for your employees, you don’t buy a kitchen and bring on an in-house chef to do it all yourself. You hire someone who’s an expert at catering meals to do that for you. And if they do a good job, you hire them again and again, because you know you can trust their service.

    At Swift, we have built a reputation of consistently delivering for our clients. They turn to us for run of the mill travel needs as well as last minute emergencies. We handle basic passport renewals and every complicated visa crisis imaginable.

    We know our business, which is to help you succeed at yours.

    Swift offices that can help you in Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and we have worked with companies in all fifty states. To learn more about Swift’s corporate passport and visa services, call (877) 917-9438 or fill out this form.

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