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  • Exploring Gratitude Around the World

    Thanksgiving is one holiday that brings us all together to celebrate and show gratitude. It allows us to spend quality time with our loved ones and appreciate all of the blessings in our lives. Though this special holiday is one that’s celebrated by many, it’s not observed by every country around the world. Other cultures have their own festivals and holidays in which they can express their gratitude, and we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at some of these celebrations. 

    From Erntedankfest to Chuseok and more – here are some ways that people celebrate gratitude around the world: 


    Erntedankfest is an amazing festival that takes place each year in Germany. During this time, people all around the country come together to celebrate that year’s harvest. Locals will dance, attend church, partake in parades, eat delicious food, listen to music, and show appreciation for everything they received from the harvest during the past year.

    Labor Thanksgiving Day

    Every year in Japan, the locals celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day. This holiday usually takes place on November 23rd and is a time to celebrate all the hard work each person contributed during the year. Children will make pictures to give to individuals such as firefighters or police officers, and families will come together to enjoy a meal with one another.

    The Yam Festival

    The Yam Festival is celebrated in Ghana and Nigeria to celebrate the harvesting of yams. Though both countries celebrate the same occasion, they tend to do a few things differently. For example, according to U.S. News, a boy is chosen to lead a parade and will carry the best yams in Ghana, and in Nigeria, they hold wrestling matches. One thing that both countries do is get together and have a meal with their loved ones.


    Another holiday that celebrates gratitude is Chuseok. This incredible three-day-long celebration takes place in South Korea. During this time, people gather and celebrate the end of the harvest season. Locals will come together to relax, play games, eat tasty food, participate in activities, and pray for another wonderful year of harvesting ahead.


    Pongal takes place over the course of a few days and is celebrated by Tamils in Sri Lanka and India. The purpose of this festival is to show thanks to the animals, sun, nature, and people that helped create a bountiful harvest during the year. Some of the ways that the locals celebrate is by getting together with their families, cleaning out old items from their homes, and then decorating their homes with new things. 

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