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  • Flight Cancellations Causing Headaches For Travelers

    The last thing that you want while traveling is unexpected delays. Unfortunately, this is a reality for thousands of people right now. Many people are looking to go on trips this summer, but instead of arriving at their destination on time, flight cancellations and delays are causing major headaches for airline passengers. If you have a trip planned in the near future and are wondering what this will mean for you, read on for everything we currently know about the situation:

    Why Are So Many Flights Being Canceled?

    There are a few reasons that so many flights are being canceled right now, with one of the main reasons being that many airlines are short-staffed. There’s currently a pilot shortage, which has led to many airlines needing to cancel flights and reduce the number of flights they offer. Other reasons that flights are being canceled include bad weather conditions and increased travel demand this summer. The demand for travel is high, and airlines are struggling to keep up.

    How Many Flights Have Been Canceled?

    According to FlightAware, as of 1:00 PM (CT) today (June 17, 2022), nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled and more than 12,000 flights have been delayed worldwide. Unfortunately, these cancellations and delays aren’t showing signs of letting up any time soon. High demand for travel and poor weather conditions are taking a toll on airlines, which could lead to more and more cancellations throughout the summer travel season.

    Which Airlines Are Canceling Flights?

    Though most airlines have had to cancel flights recently, some airlines have had to cancel more flights than others. 

    The top five leaders for flight cancellations today as of 1:00 PM (CT) are as follows:

    • China Eastern: 621 cancellations
    • American Airlines: 261 cancellations
    • Spring Airlines: 257 cancellations
    • Delta: 201 cancellations
    • Endeavor Air: 183 cancellations

    Though some cancellations can be expected daily, this increase in cancellations is causing travelers to become highly frustrated.

    Where Are Flights Being Canceled?

    Flights are being canceled in cities all across the globe. But there are some airports where flight cancellations are happening more than others. For example, according to LiveAirlines, as of 1:00 PM (CT) today, the top five airports with the most flight cancellations are:

    • Charlotte/Douglas International (CLT): 146 cancellations
    • Shanghai Pudong International (PVG): 118 cancellations
    • LaGuardia (LGA): 109 cancellations
    • Shanghai Hongqiao International (SHA) 98 cancellations 
    • Newark Liberty International (EWR): 86 cancellations

    Can I Get a Refund if my Flight is Canceled?

    If your flight gets canceled, you may be wondering if you can get a refund. Well, that depends on your airline. Each airline has its own cancellation policy, so you’ll want to contact your chosen airline to check if you can get a refund for your ticket.

    Some airlines may give you a full refund, while some may only let you change your ticket to a different flight. It’s always important to check with your airline before booking your flight to understand what will happen if your flight is canceled or delayed. 

    How Can I Check if my Flight is Canceled or Delayed?

    If you’re already at the airport, you can check the flight schedule board to see your flight status. It will tell you if your flight is on time, delayed, or canceled. If you’re on the way to the airport and want to check on the status of your flight, you can either call your airline or simply see your flight status by logging into your account on your airline’s website or mobile app (if they have one).

    How Many People Are Expected to Travel by Airplane This Summer?

    A lot of people are excited to travel again this summer. And with gas prices on the rise, people may choose to travel by plane rather than taking a road trip. According to The Vacationer, more than half of American adults will fly this summer, equaling nearly 131 million people in total. Furthermore, 23% of that group say they’ll fly more than once.

    Should I Reschedule My Summer Travel Plans?

    Although summer travel may be a little more hectic than usual this year, that doesn’t mean you should reschedule your trip! It’s time to make up for lost time and explore the world again. If flight cancellations or delays are your concern, try traveling on a less busy day, and avoid flying on the weekends.

    If you plan on traveling internationally this summer and need a passport or visa, we can help! You can get the application process started on our website. If you have any questions about obtaining a passport or visa for your upcoming trip, please contact our team. As always, no matter where you plan on going, we’ll get you there!

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