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  • Revenge Travel is on the Rise

    After a few years of being cooped up at home, it’s safe to say that everyone is ready to get out and travel. People feel they lost a lot of time and missed out on opportunities to explore the world. So to make up for that time, people are planning trips like crazy and are ready to hop on the revenge travel trend. Flight bookings are increasing, hotels are jam-packed with guests, and popular attractions are overflowing with tourists. Revenge travel is on the rise, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

    What is Revenge Travel?

    Revenge travel is a relatively new trend that has become extremely popular in 2022. Due to COVID, people had to stay home and couldn’t travel as much as they would’ve liked. Now that travel rules and restrictions are being lifted across the globe, people are looking to “revenge travel” and make up for all the time they couldn’t travel during the pandemic.

    Should I Worry About Flight Cancellations?

    The more people who want to travel comes with a higher demand for flights. Unfortunately, airlines are struggling to keep up with this greater demand and have been needing to cancel flights. This has led to many headaches for airline passengers and has many people worried that their flight will be canceled, too.

    Though there’s no way to predict if your flight will be canceled, there are some things you can do to avoid this chaos. One thing that you can do is try to book a non-stop flight whenever possible. A flight with multiple stops increases your chances of delays and cancellations. Another piece of advice is that you should book flights that leave during the week rather than on the weekend. Flying out on a weekday is typically less busy than the weekend.

    How Many People Are Expected to Travel in 2022?

    There is a large number of people expected to travel in 2022, with many of these people looking to “revenge travel”. One good example of this is the Fourth of July. A study conducted by AAA predicts that a whopping 47.9 million people will travel for the holiday (from June 30th to July 4th), up 3.7% from 2021. Furthermore, according to a survey from The Vacationer, 81% of Americans say that they will travel this summer, with 42% of those people stating that they will revenge travel.

    What Are Some of the Most Popular Destinations in 2022?

    If you’re looking to plan a trip this year, it’s important to note that some destinations are going to be more crowded than others. We aren’t saying that you should avoid these places, but be aware that they will likely book up more quickly. Some of the most popular destinations in 2022 include:

    • Berlin, Germany
    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Dubai, United Emirates
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Key West, Florida
    • Paris, France
    • Rome, Italy

    If you do plan on visiting one of these spots, be sure to make your travel plans as soon as possible. It’s crucial that you get ahead of the game and book early so that you don’t miss out on an incredible vacation.

    Should I Plan a Trip This Year?

    If you plan on traveling in 2022 or even in 2023, you will want to start the vacation planning process as soon as possible. Everyone is looking to explore the world once again, and things like hotels, car rentals, and plane tickets will book up extremely fast. The earlier you can plan your trip, the better!

    What Are Some Tips to Make Sure My Trip Goes Smoothly?

    Travel is back and better than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited! If you are as eager as we are to explore the world once again, you’ll want to make sure that you are doing some things to ensure that your travels go as smoothly as possible, including:

    • Purchase travel insurance
    • Book your flights, hotels, and car rentals far in advance
    • Get your tickets to popular attractions online
    • Get to the airport early
    • Use a carry-on luggage when possible
    • Make copies of your important travel documents
    • Wash your hands often
    • Sanitize your frequently touched items
    • Keep your distance from others
    • Be respectful of those around you
    • Don’t stress out over things you can’t control; go with the flow!

    How Can I Get a Passport or Visa For My Trip?

    If you’re looking to travel internationally and need to obtain a passport or visa, we can help! You can get the application process for a passport or visa started on the Swift website. If you have any questions about obtaining a passport or visa, please feel free to contact a member of our team. No matter where you plan on traveling in the world, we’ll get you there!

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