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  • holiday travel tips

    10 Tips to Make Holiday Travel Bearable

    holiday travel tips

    You may think you know the holiday travel drill. Book plans. Get stressed out. Stand in long lines. Arrive at your destination with a headache, empty stomach, and crushed gifts crammed in your suitcase.

    If the thought of holiday travel is stressing you out already, don’t fret. You can break the stressed-out holiday travel tradition with these ten holiday travel tips.  

    Preparation Tips

    Pack light and right. Check the weather at your destination, then take the minimal amount of clothing and items you’ll need. If possible, contain all your belongings into a carry-on so you can skip the long baggage check lines at the airport.

    Prep your paperwork. If you’re heading overseas, you want to ensure your passport is current and any visas secured before you go. Most countries require a passport that’s valid at least six months from the date of travel. Renew your passport before your trip if needed.

    Bring food and other goodies. Healthy, filling snacks are a must to keep hunger at bay. Magazines, crossword puzzles, books, podcasts, music, and other diversions can help with boredom and restlessness.

    Take advantage of your smartphone. Your smartphone can serve as a useful travel tool, with apps that help you keep track of your flight, map out your destination, or otherwise give you information you can use during your journey. Make sure your phone is charged and that you have a charger you can use at the airport if necessary.

    Airport Tips

    Avoid peak travel days if you can. Airports tend to be at their worst three days or fewer before or after the actual holiday. Schedule an earlier arrival or extended stay to avoid the most crushing crowds.

    Get there early. You never know how long it’s going to take to get through the airport lines. It’s better to have extra time to kill than miss a flight, especially during the holidays. Besides, you’ll have a bunch of snacks and reading material to keep you occupied!

    Reserve parking in advance. You don’t want to miss your flight because you couldn’t find airport parking, either. Whether you opt to park at a nearby facility or at the airport itself, book your parking space in advance.

    Destination Tips

    Ship your gifts ahead of time. That way you don’t have to worry about stuffing them in your suitcase. Many online retailers can also gift wrap the item for you, ensuring no price appears anywhere within the package.

    Have accommodations ready. Whether you need hotel reservations or a rental car, make sure all of your necessary travel and lodging accommodations are covered and confirmed.

    Map out the area. Driving after a long flight, or maneuvering through town after a long drive, is not the best time to try to figure out if you need to turn left or right at the next stop light. Have your routes mapped out in advance, printing out detailed instructions if needed.

    These holiday travel tips can hopefully help you have a merry and hassle-free holiday season. If you have any additional travel-related questions, reach out to the Swift team today. We’re here to help!

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