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  • The Latest on Immigration, Travel and the Trump Administration

    The immigration policy of the United States seems to be an ever-shifting glacier, and we can expect more movement in the coming months. Here’s where things stand right now:

    On President Trump’s Travel Ban

    Earlier this month, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the third iteration of the Trump administration travel ban. Under this ban, refugee programs have been rolled back, and citizens of eight countries have been denied access to the United States. Six of those countries are primarily Muslim.

    The restrictions on who is allowed to enter the US vary from country to country. For example, Venezuelan government officials are barred from entering the US, but everyday Venezuelans can still visit. In some cases, the bans are meant to be temporary and will be lifted when the country meets the security requirements demanded by the US government.

    The Supreme Court ruling does not mean that the travel ban can’t be challenged. Instead, the ruling means that the ban can be fully enforced until the numerous legal challenges against it are resolved.

    On the Fate of Dreamers

    Congress has not yet done anything to ensure that the thousands of immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children will be allowed to stay. President Trump gave Congress a six-month window to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with new legislation, but as of yet, no new legislation has passed.

    Dreamers – the young adults protected by DACA – are still waiting to learn what their fate will be. In registering for the protections of DACA, Dreamers had to share their addresses and personal information, which means that they could be easily deported en masse if no replacement for DACA is passed. One poll found that 86% of Americans support Dreamers being allowed to stay in the US. Hopefully Congress will get it’s act together soon enough to ensure that the will of the people is enacted.

    On America’s Global Reputation

    The travel ban and other recent acts like withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement have had a clear negative impact on the United States’ reputation abroad. The power of US passports has slipped, and relationships with volatile countries like Iran and North Korea have only become more unstable according to the conservative think tank, the Cato Institute. Cato is calling for an end to the travel ban, in particular, as it is contributing to increased anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States and because there is little evidence to suggest any link between our immigration system and terrorism.

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