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  • John of God

    John of God to Appear in Brazil

    Since 1965, a mysterious man known simply as John of God (or João de Deus) has offered spiritual healing to visitors from around the world. From what started as a chair near the main road of Abadiãnia, John of God has developed a center known as Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. At this center, up to three thousand people a day stand in line waiting for their chance to meet this man one-on-one and receive spiritual healing through him. Over the years millions of people have flocked to Brazil to meet John of God. Some are skeptics curious to see what is really going on. Some are people suffering from terminal illnesses, hoping for a cure. Others are true believers, hoping to get closer to God through the healing acts performed by John of God. John of God claims to be a spiritual vessel. He says that he does not heal anyone personally — that only God can heal. He has encouraged medical researchers to study him and his acts of healing — acts which he claims to have no memory of once each individual ritual is completed — in the hope that modern medicine will benefit from his methods. In 2010, he was covered on Oprah.

    Expedited Brazil Travel Visas for Your Mystical Journey

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