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  • Brazil Visa Requirements Travelers Should Know

    Brazil visa requirements are important to know whether you’re visiting the country as a tourist or for business.

    There is never a bad time to visit Brazil. This amazing country is full of ancient culture, beautiful destinations, pristine beaches, and some of the best parties in the world. Next year people will be flocking to Brazil en masse for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in June and July. Due to the country’s popularity and this upcoming event, the wait time for Brazil visas can be a bit long, but by working with Swift Passport Services, you can help ensure that your Brazil visa comes through on time and without any complications.

    Traveling to Brazil as a Tourist     

    Brazil Visa Requirements

    If you’re planning to visit Brazil for fun, there are several things that you will need in order to obtain a visa. You will need:

    • A valid passport – Make sure it has at least two blank pages in the back and will expire before you return.
    • A properly filled out Brazil visa request form – You can find this form the Brazil Consulate Website. Contact us if you need any help filling it out.
    • Proof of travel to Brazil – You’ll need a copy of your round-trip ticket from your airline or travel agent to prove that you have plans to enter and leave the country.
    • One passport photo – You don’t have to get this from a passport office, but your photo will need to meet certain size and content requirements.
    • Proof of residence – This is usually a copy of your driver’s license or your state-issued ID. You can also use a utility bill with your name and current address to prove your current residence.
    • A letter of authorization – If you want your visa expedited through us, you’ll have to print and sign an authorization letter, which can be found here.

    There are a few further Brazil visa requirements if you are a minor visiting the country, so contact our team right away if you’re traveling with your children. Additionally, if you live in the Houston jurisdiction, you must get your proof of residence notarized. And if you live in the Miami jurisdiction, you must submit your application in person or through a different consulate. Check this map of the Brazil Consulate jurisdictions to see if either of these requirements applies to you.

    Traveling to Brazil for Business

    The Brazil visa requirements for a business visa are very similar to the requirements for a tourist visa, but there are a few additional requirements you’ll need to be aware of. In order to visit Brazil on business, you will need to supply a company letter of intent. This should be written on your company letterhead and should provide a detailed description of the business that you plan to perform while in Brazil. If you’re going to be working with a Brazilian company, you will also need a letter of invitation from that company that describes any meetings and trip dates that are applicable as well as the financial responsibility for the trip (whether your company or the Brazilian company will be paying for your expenses).  If you don’t have a letter of invitation, it’s still possible to obtain a Brazil business visa.

    Give us a call at (877) 917-9438 to learn more about Brazil requirements and to make sure that your visa application process runs smoothly.

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