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  • Life Pro Tips: Getting Comfortable on International Flights

    Life Pro Tips: Getting Comfortable on International Flights

    Visiting Australia, Japan or some other far-away foreign country can be a thrill – although the lengthy flight it takes to get there may seem far less enticing.

    While flights of any length can make your knees cramped just thinking about them, you can learn how to get comfortable on international flights with these savvy tips.

    Dress the part

    Go for loose-fitting tops and bottoms, comfy shoes and a sweatshirt or hoodie for additional warmth. Choose clothes that are as similar to pajamas as possible, but perhaps without the superhero or floral flannel print.

    Pack comfort 

    Inside Airplane

    If you’re a frequent traveler, investing in a good travel pillow is well worth it (pro tip: avoid neck pillows with mircobeads!). Other worth-it items may include ear plugs, eye mask, compression socks, or a knitted hat.

    Give your legs a break

    While there may not be an ideal sitting position on a cramped plane, proper posture is always a plus. The Perpetual Traveler says to use the bag beneath the seat in front of you as a footrest to help decrease the risk of blood pooling in your legs.

    Getting up and walking the aisle is recommended by the NIH, Independent Traveler notes, as is flexing, stretching and moving your legs while seated. Taking aspirin and wearing compression stockings may further help blood circulation on extended flights.

    Freshen Up

    After flying and making multiple connections, you’re dying for a shower. While you’re stuck in the terminal, consider buying a small pack of fresh wipes and giving yourself a quick once over. Feeling clean makes your entire trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Invest in airplane-friendly headphones

    Boarding Times

    The best airplane headphones will be comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. They’ll also have a noise-cancelling feature to block out sounds around you, prevent sound leakage so others aren’t annoyed by your music and be lightweight and easily portable. Headphones Unboxed puts Bose headphones at the top of the list, whether you need them for music, streaming videos or listening to your meditation CDs.


    Sleeping on a long flight is tough but crucial. Once you’ve set your watch to your destination’s time zone and figured out how long you should attempt to sleep, get to it. You’ll definitely to do these things:

    • Go to the bathroom and walk around for a few minutes before dozing off.
    • Travel pillows are absolutely needed here.
    • Make sure your arms and legs are in a neutral potion. This will minimize waking up with aches and pains.

    If you can’t get comfortable, consider ordering a glass (or two) of wine. No one’s judging.

    Stay hydrated

    The plane’s atmosphere is known for drying out your body. Drink plenty of water or, better yet, go for Independent Traveler’s recommendation of Gatorade or other electrolyte-replacement beverage. Apply lip balm and skin lotion to keep your face, hands and lips from cracking.

    Make your entire travel experience even more comfortable and easy with Swift’s expedited first-time passport services or renewals to ensure everything’s in order before you even book your flight. Contact us with any questions; we’re always happy to help.

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