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  • travel to Aruba

    Travel Spotlight on Aruba, “The Happy Island”

    If you’re thinking about visiting Aruba this summer, you’re making a very wise choice. Aruba is routinely voted one of the best islands in the Caribbean. Travel to Aruba isn’t particularly difficult from anywhere in the continental United States, and you can have an amazing time on this island getaway with friends, family, or a special someone. This beautiful island is known for romantic sunsets, beachfront parties, beautiful sands, crystal clear waters, and vibrant casinos.travel to Aruba

    At just 75 square miles, Aruba is a multicultural and diverse place to visit. Across the island, you’ll encounter vestiges of Spanish, Dutch, and Amerindian architecture and cuisine. Indeed, at least 90 different nationalities call Aruba home, and people from around the world enjoy Aruba vacations.

    Here are just a few things that you can enjoy on your vacation to Aruba:

    1. Eagle Beach

    Eagle Beach is one of the top beaches in Aruba. It is known as the “low-rise area,” because the numerous hotels and timeshares in this area are all low to the ground. Chances are when you visit Aruba, you’ll stay near Eagle Beach. It’s one of the most conveniently located beaches on Aruba, as well as one of the most beautiful.

    At Eagle Beach, you can spend the day relaxing on the beautiful sands, or you can rent equipment for water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing. Both sports are extremely popular in Aruba. There are also great opportunities to interact with wildlife at and near Eagle Beach. If you visit in June, you might just see freshly hatched baby turtles crawling down to the ocean.

    1. The Casinos

    Gambling is legal in Aruba, and the small island has a number of casinos. The casinos you’ll find here are tiny compared to those you’d find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, which makes them feel a little more inviting and whimsical. Try your luck at the Hyatt Regency Casino with 21 gaming tables and well over 200 slot machines. Tuesday through Sunday, this casino has live music and dancing, as well.

    1. Palm Beach

    If Eagle Beach is a little too crowded, head over to Palm Beach for a tranquil day at the sea. The waters have a bright, clear blue hue, and the white sands are soft and inviting. You’ll also find a lot fewer jet skiers and wake borders, making Palm Beach a great place to go for a long swim in the Caribbean. This beach is known as the “high-rise area” of Aruba, and you’ll likely enjoy the casinos and restaurants at the many large hotels nearby.

    Travelers with US passports don’t need an Aruba visa in order to visit this island getaway. An active passport will do. If you don’t hold a US passport, contact Swift today to figure out what requirements you might need to meet in order to visit Aruba.

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