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  • Passport for Cruise?

    Do I Need a Passport For a Cruise?

    Information valid as of 9/3/2015

    cruise ship

    Heading on a cruise typically requires a bathing suit, sunglasses and flip flops – but it doesn’t always require a passport. While new regulations came down the pike in 2009 that heightened travel security across the board, needing a passport for a cruise is not one of them in every single case.

    Cruises that Don’t Require Passports

    You don’t need a passport for a cruise if you happen to be taking what is known as a closed-loop cruise, or one that begins and ends at the same port in the US. If your cruise heads out from a port in Florida, circles around a batch of tropical islands, and then heads back to the same port in Florida, a passport is not required to travel out of and back into the US.

    US Customs and Border Patrol notes you’ll still need proof of citizenship to leave or enter the US, meaning you’ll have to take along your driver’s license, birth certificate or other form of government-issued photo ID.

    Why You Want One Anyway

    If you decide to skip the passport, you also may be stuck on the ship while your family, friends and fellow passengers are romping about exotic isles that require a passport for entry. According to Cruiseline, these regions include:

    • Barbados
    • Guadeloupe
    • Haiti
    • Martinique
    • St. Barts
    • St. Martin
    • Trinidad and Tobago

    Likewise, you’ll need a passport to enter Mexico, Canada, and most other foreign countries your cruise ship may call upon.

    Why You Really Want One Anyway


    Another good reason to bring along a passport even if it’s not required is in case of an emergency. If you somehow missed the ship at any point along your journey, you would have one heck of a hassle booking a flight and getting back into the US without a passport. Our opinion? Check with the cruise beforehand and consider obtaining a passport- it’s a great excuse to book another vacation down the line!

    If your cruise is approaching and you’ve yet to obtain a passport, you can get one quickly and easily with Swift Passport and Visa Services. Our expedited passport services can often process new passports in as little one business day, hopefully plenty of time to ensure you pack for your cruise with your bathing suit, sunglasses, flip flops – and brand-new passport.

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