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  • Passport Processing Options During the Pandemic

    If you have travel plans in 2021, you may want to consider applying for a new passport or passport renewal as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are the current ways that you can obtain a passport: 

    Option 1: Passport Expediting with Swift

    Swift is currently offering a 1-2 week service for all passport services (New, Child, Renewal, Lost Passport Replacement), and a 4-12 week service for Passport Renewals only.

    The Benefits of Using Swift For a Renewal:

    • Expedited options.
    • You will have access to a passport specialist who can ensure your paperwork is completed and submitted properly.
    • Swift will monitor the progress of your application and let you know when it ships back.

    FEES FOR 4-12 week service:  $170 government fee, $135 service fee, $10 processing fee + $25 shipping.  

    FEES FOR 1-2 week service:  $187.56 government fee, $599 service fee, $10 processing fee + return shipping.  Reservation required, please Contact Swift.

    Option 2: Renewal, New, Child, and Lost Passports by Mail

    The State Department offers regular and expedited passport processing for new, lost, and child passports by mail. You can begin obtaining one of these passports by completing the forms and following the instructions on the State Department website. In this case, regular processing time may take up to 18 weeks and expedited processing up to 12 weeks.  Remember, government delays have been common during the pandemic, so you will need to be flexible if your passport is not issued in the estimated time frame.

    FEES FOR REGULAR:  $110 government fee + $18 shipping

    FEES FOR EXPEDITED:  $170 government fee + $18 shipping

    *Government fee for minors is $140 vs. $170

    *There is an additional $35 execution fee that is paid to a passport acceptance agent for New, Child, and Lost Passports

    Option 3: Apply in person at a Passport Agency office

    The Passport Agencies are allowing some in-person appointments, though most of these appointments are being given to people who have a life-or-death emergency abroad. A limited number of appointments are available to Americans who need a passport but do NOT have an emergency, but there are major restrictions. While we have heard of some people successfully applying in person without an emergency, most people have not had much luck securing an appointment. The passport agencies frequently report no available appointments for more than two weeks out.

    FEES:  $170 government fee + $18- shipping if shipping applies

    *There is an additional $35 execution fee that is paid to a passport acceptance agent for New, Child, and Lost Passports

    Regardless of the option you chose, please try to remember that there are thousands of people trying to get passports right now, and the Passport Agencies are not fully staffed.  Processing times are estimates and can slow down without warning.  So if you plan to travel this year, apply for your passport now to ensure you aren’t scrambling to get one issued in the weeks before your trip!

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