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  • Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Your Passport

    Was your passport recently lost, damaged, or stolen? No need to panic, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about passport replacement and passport renewal that should help you decide what your next steps should be.

    What should I do if I can’t find my passport?

    Even if you’ve seemed to have searched everywhere for your passport, try looking around for it one more time. At that point, if you still can’t find it, you’ll need to report your passport as lost or stolen to the US Department of State by calling (877) 487-2778. This will help ensure that if someone finds your passport, they won’t be able to illegally travel with it. 

    The next thing you should do is apply for a replacement passport. If you need your passport replaced quickly, you should follow our lost and stolen passport instructions as soon as possible to give you the best chance of receiving your new passport in time. You should note that if you somehow find your old passport after already having applied for a new passport, your old one is considered invalid.

    My passport was lost or stolen in a foreign country - what do I do now?

    If your passport was lost or stolen in a foreign country, you need to call the closest United States Embassy for immediate assistance. You can locate the closest United States Embassy here. Unfortunately, you cannot use a United States expedited service (such as Swift) to replace a passport that was lost or stolen while you were out of the country under any circumstances.

    How do I know if my passport is too damaged to travel with??

    Over the course of its ten-year life, it’s normal for your passport to go through some wear and tear – scraping, staining, bent pages, etc. What isn’t considered normal wear and tear is when your passport becomes torn, if there are any pages missing, or if any other information is obstructed (passport number, your name, your passport photo, etc). 

    If this happens to be the case, you’ll need to replace your passport. If you aren’t quite sure if your passport is considered “damaged”, you can read through our damaged passport blog for further information that may help you decide.

    Do I need to renew my passport if it still has six months of validity?

    The last thing you want is to show up at the airport and be turned away because your valid passport expires too soon. This will likely make it impossible to board your flight out of the US. Even worse? You could get all the way to your destination just to then be sent straight back to the United States. 

    It’s always a good idea to renew your passport even if it still has six months of validity. There are numerous countries that require your passport to have at least six months of validity left. Renewing your passport early will ensure that you don’t have problems at immigration in any country.

    Do I need to get a new passport if I recently had my name changed?

    The answer to this question in a majority of cases is, yes. If your passport was issued more than a year ago, you’ll need to go and renew your passport with your new name. If you need to change the name on your passport and are in a hurry, you should follow our Passport Renewal Instructions

    The only time you won’t need to get a new passport is if your passport was issued less than a year ago. If this is the case, you can simply apply for a correction without having to pay any additional fees (if you’re not expediting the service, that is). If your passport was issued less than a year ago and you need a correction as soon as possible, please give us a call at (312) 929-2105.

    How long are replacement passports valid for?

    If you replace a lost or stolen passport, your new passport will be valid for ten years from the issue date for adults, and five years from the issue date for kids (anyone fifteen years of age and under). If you are a chronic passport replacer (you’ve lost two or more passports), the State Department will sometimes issue a “limited validity passport” valid for either one or two years.

    How much does it cost to replace a passport?

    Currently, it will cost you $110 to renew your passport as an adult (anyone sixteen years of age and older). If your child (anyone fifteen years of age and under) needs to replace their passport, they’ll have to go in and reapply completely, which will cost $115. If you’re expediting a passport, the government fee is $170.

    You can check the latest fee tables here for more information and alternative options.

    How long does it take to replace a passport?

    The amount of time that it takes the US Department of State to issue a passport can vary. It highly depends on the time of year you’re trying to replace your passport, and the current backlog. It’s possible that you’ll receive your passport within two weeks, or it could even take close to eight weeks.

    That being said, another option is to opt for an expedited passport with Swift. We can help you obtain a replacement passport in as little as one business day. You can find more information about all the ways you can obtain a passport, as well as the pros, cons, and fees associated with each method by going to our website. No matter where you’re traveling, we’ll get you there!

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