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  • Swift Passport Services Has Partnered With Transplant Village

    Swift Passport Services has teamed up with Transplant Village, a community of organ donors, organ recipients, and their families who are all working together in an effort to support those in need of organ transplants and further the research surrounding organ transplantation. Transplant Village is associated with the Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC), one of the most highly regarded transplant centers   in the country. To date, over 4,000 transplant patients have received care from the CTC.  Transplant Village

    The possibility of being able to grow organs in a lab is becoming more and more feasible as modern medicine advances. Organizations like Transplant Village contribute to these medical advancements while providing support and resources to people currently in need of transplants as well as past organ donors and recipients.

    Give Back by Getting Involved

    With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the team at Swift Passport Services would like to encourage all of our friends to get involved with Transplant Village. Swift co-founder, Laurie Lee, is a member of the Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council which spearheads all of Transplant Village’s efforts. She chose to get involved with this cause because her father received a liver transplant years ago at Northwestern Medicine, and the operation gave him back his life. Laurie has said that she and her family are grateful that they were able to take something so valuable from the organ donation system. “I feel that it is my responsibility to give back into the system. It doesn’t work if we all just take – we also have to give.”

    Laurie gives of her time and resources and by including her name on the national registry of organ donors. More likely than not, someone you know has been affected by organ donation. It’s a system of giving that allows people to get a new lease on their lives. If nothing else, help support this wonderful cause this Thanksgiving by adding your name to the list. It only takes a few minutes to sign up to become an organ donor, and by doing so, you could one day save the lives of multiple people!

    Please also consider supporting Northwestern Medicine’s CTC by joining Transplant Village.  Every single contribution matters and makes a positive impact within the organ transplantation community.  If you have personal experience with organ donation, you can also give of your time by signing up to support people who are waiting for organs, people who have recently received an organ transplant, and people who have donated organs to others.

    Learn more about Transplant Village by visiting the website and take a few minutes to think about how you can give back this holiday season in ways you may have never considered before.

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