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  • How Will A Government Shutdown Impact Passport Processing?

    The government shutdown is upon us, and people across the country are feeling the negative effects. National parks are closed, federal services are suspended, and many people aren’t receiving the help that they need. The shutdown is also leaving a lot of people with unanswered questions about their pending passport applications. At Swift Passport Services, many of our clients are asking us how the current situation will affect their passports and their visas.

    Thankfully, the State Department has announced that most passport agencies and consular operations will remain open during the shutdown. This means that open applications will be processed, and new applications are still being accepted, though processing delays are to be expected. However, the State Department has also said that the offices will only remain open as long as they have the funds to do so.

    Depending upon how long the shutdown lasts, new passport applications could be halted due to an inability to obtain passport approval at the federal level. Basically, the longer the shutdown lasts, the more likely it is that your passport application will be delayed.

    The Swift Team Will Do All that We Can to Expedite Passports

    At Swift, we’re doing everything to help ensure that clients with open passport applications receive their new passports as quickly as possible. We’re working with our contacts within the passport agencies to help find ways to move forward during this difficult time. Of course, we ultimately aren’t in control of what the federal government decides to do, so there is a chance that the State Department may stop accepting new passport applications altogether.

    If you’re planning an international trip anytime in the near future, you should submit a passport application as soon as possible. Particularly with the holidays right around the corner, the number of passport applications will go up significantly in the coming months, so the sooner you can get your application in, the more likely it is that you’ll have your new passport in time for your trip.

    Contact us today to learn more about how the government shutdown is affecting passports and what you can do to help ensure that you have your travel documents in order. Keep in mind that the shutdown does not affect your ability to obtain visas to other countries.

    Whatever your travel questions or concerns may be, give us a call at (877) 917-9438 to obtain the information that you need. The Swift team is available to answer your questions and will help you get your visas and passports quickly and easily.

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