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  • Gifts for Travelers

    Swift’s Favorite Gifts for Travelers

    Gifts for Travelers

    If you have someone in your family or friend group whose passport is simply overflowing with stamps, then we have some great gift suggestions for you. Frequent travelers — especially people who travel a lot internationally — will love these gifts to help them remember their journeys, travel in greater comforter, and lighten the load of their luggage.

    A Scratch Map

    Yes, we know, these scratch maps are pretty much everywhere these days, but they’re so cool! Whether you intend for these maps to be framed and displayed in a grand entryway or tacked up on a dorm room wall, they’ll make for great conversation pieces and a fun, interactive piece of art.

    Personalized Travel Collage

    If you’re looking for something a bit more personal — but have no creative talent of your own — a personalized photo collage made by an Etsy crafter is a great choice. Send photos of a favorite trip or set of trips with your loved one, and let the artist do the rest. This reasonably priced choice is just one of many personal travel-themed gifts available on Etsy.

    Vacuum Pack Bags & Pump

    If you know someone who never quite has enough space in their luggage, these handy bags are a great way to add some extra room. (Just don’t let your friend give you any heat when they’re bag ends up weighing over the maximum 50 pounds.)

    Portable Lens for Phone Cameras

    It always feels silly to waste luggage space bringing a fancy DSLR camera on a big trip when we all have great cameras on our phones. But with a lens like this, you can give your phone a substantially better camera and get all the action, landscape, and portrait shots that never came out quite right before. (Note: this particular lens requires you to buy a phone case as well to fit the lens to your phone.)

    Thermal Insoles

    If you’re traveling somewhere particularly cold — or just like having toasty feet — these rechargeable thermal insoles are a must. They’ll cushion your step and keep your toes nice and cozy wherever your winter travels may take you. (Ok, we know this is supposed to be a gift lift, but you should probably get a pair of these for yourself. I mean, who could possibly resist the toastiness??)

    A Universal Charger

    Never again face the problem of not being able to recharge your phone or computer. This handy charger has adapters for different types of outlets found all over the world, including multiple USB chargers.

    And remember that regardless of the season, we are always here to help with renewing and replacing passports and securing visas across the globe. Keep in mind that some consulates take the holidays off for extended stretches, so if you have any upcoming travel, contact our team sooner than later. Happy holidays!

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