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    The Top 6 Things to Buy In India

    things to buy in india market

    Even if you’re heading to India on business, you’ll want to make time to shop when you catch a glimpse of all the goodies you can bring back home with you. The country’s selection of street vendors, malls, and other shopping venues are vast, which means you should have no trouble finding these top things to buy in India.

    Pashmina Shawls

    things to buy in india pashmina shawls

    Made from the cashmere wool of pashmina goats found in the Himalayas, pashmina shawls are soft, cuddly, and downright beautiful. Real pashmina tends to be expensive, so be very wary of any that come with a low-end price tag. Kashmir is the place to snag one of these shawls, since that’s where you’ll also find the pashmina goats.

    Ayurvedic Products

    things to buy in india ayurvedic products

    Sages in India have been practicing the mind-body health system of Ayurveda for thousands of years, making Ayurvedic products one of the top things to buy in India. Choose from an array of options that include balms, creams, herbal remedies and other products for your hair, skin, body, and overall well-being.


    things to buy in india textiles

    Pashmina isn’t the only fabric for which India is famous. You’ll find a dazzling display of cotton and silk items that run the gamut from clothing to wall hangings, with tablecloths and bedspreads in between. Fabrics may feature hand beading or intricate embroidery, making them all the more beautiful and unique.


    things to buy in india spices

    Authentic Indian curry, anyone? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you won’t want to leave India without stocking up on some of its amazing spices. Curry is an obvious choice, with garam masala being one of the most versatile curry options. Additional spicy souvenirs include saffron and any whole spices produced in the world-famous spice region of Kerala.

    Scented Products

    things to buy in india scented products

    India produces delightfully scented incense, with a stunning variety of handcrafted sticks to suit any personality and style. Attar is another popular scented product from India. It’s a natural perfume extracted from herbs, barks, spices, or flowers that’s been in use for centuries.

    Toys and Puppets

    things to buy in india toys and dolls

    While you may not necessarily think of toys and puppets as things to buy in India, you may be amazed by the delightful collections available. Katputlis are adorable Indian puppets you’re likely to see starring in a puppet show during your travels. They tend to come in pairs and make ideal wall hangings. Rajasthan is the hotspot for purchasing Katputlis.

    Kodapalli toys easily make the list of top things to buy in India due to their charming nature as well. Crafted out of ceramic and wood, these colorful creations have cornered their very own niche in the souvenir market. Traditionally created by women during festivals, many kodapalli toys resemble Indian gods or goddesses.

    With the anticipation of Indian souvenirs galore, don’t forget the other details of your trip. Make sure your passport is current, and obtain an Indian business visa before you go. Please feel free to contact Swift with additional questions. We are here to help!

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