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  • Top 2021 Travel Gadget Gift Ideas

    The holiday season is finally here, which can only mean one thing… it’s time for our annual travel gadget gift list! This year, we put together a list of some unique gifts that any avid traveler is sure to love. We searched far and wide for a variety of products for adventurous travelers, business travelers, and those who simply enjoy traveling for leisure. We are confident that no matter who you’re looking to shop for this year that you’re sure to find something they’ll love on our 2021 travel gadget gift list:

    1. Airline Giftcard

    Giving someone an airline gift card is the perfect way to jumpstart any traveler’s vacation. It allows them to save some money on their overall travel expenses and encourages them to plan their next trip. If you aren’t sure what your gift recipient’s preferred airline is, you could ask them which airline they personally recommend flying on.

    1. Luggage Scale

    Most airlines have weight restrictions when it comes to luggage, and if you go over that limit, you’ll end up having to pay hefty fees or may even have to leave some of your personal belongings behind. This nifty gadget will save any traveler time and money. Simply hook the luggage scale onto any piece of luggage, lift it up, and see how much your luggage actually weighs.

    1. Airplane Footrest

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight with this airplane footrest. Simply slide the footrest strap over your tray table and adjust to your desired height. Now, all you have to do is put your feet up onto the soft, pillow-like surface, and have the most comfortable flight of your life. This footrest is compact, straightforward to use, and easy to clean!

    1. Mini Portable Massage Gun

    Relieve aches, pains, and muscle soreness no matter where you are in the world using this mini portable massage gun. We love this product as it gives you the same relief as a standard-size massage gun. Other great features of this gift include that it’s portable, has over 2 hours of battery life, and it’s quiet. Try out this product once and you’ll find that it may jump to the top of your travel essentials list.

    1. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

    This soft and lightweight memory foam pillow is the perfect accessory for all travelers. Simply twist and bend the pillow into all kinds of shapes until you find the position that’s most comfortable for you. The pillow is small enough to carry in your bag, while also providing top-notch comfort while on the go.

    1. Insulated Bottle

    Purchasing drinks that are in plastic bottles while traveling is bad for the environment and frankly, is expensive (especially at the airport). Save money and save the earth when you bring this insulated bottle on your next trip. You can store nearly any type of drink inside of the bottle and it will stay hot or cold for hours on end. The best part about this particular bottle is that the company donates part of its sales to clean water projects around the world. 

    1. Sleep Headphones

    Sleeping while traveling can sometimes be difficult as you are in an unfamiliar place and there may be unexpected noises and light around you. No matter if you are on a plane or train, or are trying to get in some shuteye in your hotel room, simply place these sleep headphones on to block out any light, and gently fall asleep to your favorite music. These sleep headphones are lightweight and padded for maximum comfort.

    1. Portable Charger

    Having a portable charger on hand while traveling can be an absolute lifesaver. 

    If you’re traveling to a location that you don’t know that well and need to try and get back to your hotel or rental home, being able to charge your phone with a portable charger will allow you to use GPS and get home safely. Any traveler will truly appreciate having this nifty gadget on hand.

    1. Travel Subscription Box

    If your gift recipient can’t go out and travel right now or doesn’t have travel plans in the near future, why not give the gift of a travel subscription box. There are so many unique subscription boxes that you can choose from that any enthusiastic traveler will love. Subscription boxes truly are the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

    1. Hydration Backpack

    Never be thirsty while hiking again with this backpack. Fill up the water pouch before leaving on your hike and store any of your personal belongings in the main pocket. You’ll be able to easily sip water with the attached straw while on the go, and can access any of your other hiking gear if needed. This backpack is lightweight, easy to carry around, and will keep you hydrated all day long!

    Happy holidays from our whole team at Swift! We hope you take some time out this holiday season to relax and enjoy some time much-needed time with your loved ones – you deserve it! What’s your favorite gift on our list this year? Will you be purchasing any travel-related gifts for your friends and family? Let us know in the comments!

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