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    Top 5 Travel Pillows for Flying Internationally

    Flying in comfort always involves a travel pillow, but it can be a tough call to decide on which one to choose. We here at Swift did the heavy lifting for you, compiling a list of the top travel pillows to help make your next flight a truly dreamy one. Some of these we’ve used, some have amazing ratings on Amazon. Feel strongly about one of these? Comment below.

    Comfy Basics Pillow

    comfy basics pillow

    If you’re the type who ends up with your head nodding forward during your naps, you can stop the downward trend with the Comfy Basics Travel Neck Pillow. Instead of only supporting the sides and back of your neck, this pillow embraces your entire neck, supporting your head at every angle.

    Hoodie Pillow

    hoodie pillow

    Combine the privacy and coziness of a hood with the comfort of a pillow and you’ve got yourself the aptly named HoodiePillow. Here you enjoy the traditional U-shaped pillow that sits neatly around your neck combined with a hoodie to indicate you’re off limits for useless airplane chatter. You even get drawstrings to adjust the hood size and coverage levels.


    j pillow

    This J-shaped pillow loops the bottom part of the J beneath your chin, supporting your neck, back of head and side of face with the middle and top of the pillow. The unique shape can be positioned a couple different ways to best create your own personal comfort zone. A plush cover and the ability to be compacted into an easy-to-transport ball top off the J-Pillow attributes.

    Kuhi Comfort Pillow

    kuhi travel pillow

    This innovative travel pillow consists of two plump side cushions attached by a strap that sits behind your neck. This lets you rest comfortably on reclining seats, with the added bonus of being able to twist, turn or flip the pillow for your perfect fit. Its carrying case is designed to slip over the handle of rolling luggage.

    TravelRest Pillow

    travel rest

    When a pillow for your neck is not enough, go for an inflatable, elongated pillow that extends from the side of your face and across your chest, ending up on the opposite side of your lap. The TravelRest Pillow supports your neck while keeping your back straight, an ideal pick for folks with back issues.

    Whether you’re drawn toward the more traditional or totally unique, any of these top travel pillows can help make your trip sweet.

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