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  • Brazil Travel Visa

    Warning, Brazil Visas Can Be a Little Tricky

    Brazil Travel VisaUnfortunately, the Brazil consulate has decided not to extend expedited service for visas to Brazil. This means that getting a business or tourist visa to Brazil has gotten a little bit more complicated for US passport holders. If you need a Brazil travel visa in a hurry, you may have limited options under the current regulations.

    Right now, Brazil is requiring that any US citizen who applies for a Brazil visa must apply within his or her own jurisdiction. Brazil has nine consulate jurisdictions within the United States, all of which contain multiple US states. For example, if you live in the state of Maine, you fall under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Brazil in Boston, MA. In order to determine which consulate you must apply at, take a look at this page for information about all nine consulate, the states that they cover, and their current processing times.

    Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be in for a long wait for your Brazil visa. The shortest processing times are currently at the consulates in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Washington DC. At these consulate you can expect to have your application processed within 10 to 15 business days. On the other hand, if you live in the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Brazil consulate, you could wait up to 45 business days for your visa to be approved.

    Check this page regularly for the latest information on current processing times.

    The moral of the story is, if you have a trip to Brazil coming up in the next few months, apply for your visa now. The team here at Swift can help ensure that your application goes smoothly by verifying that your information is complete and filled out correctly. In order to apply for a Brazil visa, you will need a valid US passport, a properly filled out Brazil visa request form, a passport photo, proof of your travel to Brazil, and you’ll need to pay the consulate fee, which is currently $160.

    If you need a Brazil visa in a hurry or need help filling out your application, contact our team today Remember to also check back here regularly for the latest information on processing times and new regulations for Brazil visas.

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