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  • Travel Spotlight on Ch-Ch-China

    China is a country full of excitement, entertainment, and some of the most fascinating sites seen anywhere in the world.

    Looking to party in some of the biggest cities in the world? Or perhaps you’d prefer a vacation visiting ancient ruins and historical sites? Maybe you want to experience a different culture, or go on a spiritual retreat. Maybe you want to have the adventure of a lifetime.

    All of these things are possible in China.

    Getting to China can be a bit of a hassle with the long flight and the need for China visas, but the extra effort is well worth it. China is a country full of excitement, entertainment, and some of the most fascinating sites seen anywhere in the world. Here are just five of the top things to see in China:

    1. The Great Wall

    Do we even need to list anything else? The Great Wall is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Walking along the Great Wall is a glimpse into history, and an opportunity to reflect on the amazing things that people can do. Imagine that wall being built! It’s practically unfathomable! Like the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China is one of those sights that never disappoints.

    2. Beijing

    It’s air quality is far from the best, so don’t stay too long, but the sights and experiences of Beijing are simply unforgettable. From the majesty of the Forbidden City where emperors ruled to the day-to-day life of Chinese people, Beijing is bursting with ancient history and modern fun.

    3. The Terracotta Warriors

    Back in 210 BC when the first emperor of the Qin dynasty died, he was buried with thousands of life-sized warrior figures made of terracotta. The warriors were re-discovered in 1974, and they are an astounding site. Each figure has a unique face complete with hair and armor styles appropriate to their rank. No one cut any corners when this army was crafted!

    4. “Paradise on Earth”

    Not far outside Shanghai sits the lovely city of Hangzhou, long considered China’s version of paradise on earth. Hangzhou is a quiet city surrounded by hillsides of longjing green tea plants. The town is built around West Lake, a lake renowned for its beauty. If your travels take you to Shanghai, be sure to stop off in this haven of a city.

    5. Yangtze River Cruise

    The Yangtze River is one of the most historically and culturally important bodies of water in Asia. Cruising up and down this river is an affordable and beautiful way to see many of China’s cities and learn about the history of this expansive country.

    Wherever you choose to go in China, be sure to visit us first to get your China visa. We offer expedited service for people hoping to travel to China within a month or less. And, be sure to share your travel stories in the comments section below. Whether you’ve seen the Great Wall or visited a lesser known place in China, we want to hear about it!

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