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  • Travel to Berlin

    Travel Spotlight: Exploring Berlin

    Travel to Berlin

    If you’re looking for a beautiful place to escape for a fall vacation, Berlin should absolutely be on your list. When you travel to Berlin, Germany, during the autumn, you’ll be in for a swirl of gold and red leaves all around, stunning architecture, hearty food, and some of the nicest people anywhere in the world. Here are three of the top reasons you should consider visiting Berlin over the next few months.

    1. History

    If you’re a history buff, few cities in the world offer more historical significance than Berlin. Take a trip to Checkpoint Charlie, visit the haunting Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, or visit the Topography of Terror museum, which sits on the former site of the Gestapo and SS Police’s headquarters during WWII. You’ll find monuments and markers all over the city noting significant moments, and you’ll be able to see where the city was divided into East and West.

    1. Festivals

    Munich is the true home of Oktoberfest in Germany, but Berlin has its own smaller version of the internationally renowned celebration. Drink, eat, and be merry in this family-friendly celebration, which runs from late September to mid-October. Berlin also has a Festival of Lights, which begins October 6, and the city is most famous for its Christmas Market, which features countless artisanal crafts for lovers of the holiday season. The Christmas Market begins November 21.

    1. Culture & Fun

    Berlin is a wonderful city to sit in a café for hours on end, watching the people walk by. It’s also a great place for family adventures, with attractions like the world-famous Berlin Zoo. Art lovers shouldn’t miss the Gemäldegalerie, and you should really rent a scooter to see the sites like a real German. Scoot over to the Baltic Sea for beautiful views and solitude (fall is the offseason). You should also take in a film at a local theater – Germans love their cinema.

    However you choose to enjoy Berlin, remember to renew your passport before you go. US citizens don’t need any sort of German visas in order to visit for tourist trips up to ninety days – this is true across most of Europe. If you’re traveling on business or don’t have US citizenship, contact Swift to learn more about how to get a visa to Germany. We’re happy to research any particularly tricky visa questions you may have.

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