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  • Obtain a US Passport

    UAE Passports Grant Most Access to Visa-Free Countries

    Obtain a US PassportHere in the United States, we like to think that our passport is the most powerful passport in the world. Well, according to a recent survey it actually is — though we have to share the title with the Brits.

    A ranking done by financial advisory firm Arton Capital found that people who hold US passports and people who hold UK passports can enter 147 different countries without a visa. Behind us, France, Germany, and South Korea passport holders can enter 145 countries without a visa.

    A bit further down the list, the United Arab Emirates came in highest for its region, with UAE passport holders able to enter 72 countries without a visa. Their ranking was boosted by the European Parliament’s decision to let UAE passport holders enter EU countries visa-free.

    The world, it seems, is becoming a more open place, which is a great news for passport holders from every country.

    Obtaining a US Passport

    If you’re ready to get a US passport, the process is pretty simple. You’ll need to fill out an application, prove your identity, pay a fee, and provide a passport photo. If you don’t have access to your birth certificate, there are other ways that you can show who you are. If you have time to wait, you can complete your application through a passport office at a US post office and have your passport in a matter of six to eight weeks, though it could take longer if the State Department is currently backed up.

    If you need to obtain a US passport or renew your passport in a hurry, that’s where we come in. Swift provides expedited passport services to people looking to renew their passport or get a new US passport in a hurry. Through our tiered services, you can get your passport in as little as one business day. If you’re not in quite that much of a rush, you can opt for a slower processing time like five business days or 11-12 business days. (If you need your passport in one business day, be sure to call ahead to ensure that there is still enough time in the day to get your application processed.)

    Were also available to help you obtain expedited visas to the select list of countries that require Americans to have them. Give us a call anytime at (877) 917-9438 to learn more. Our office is open 24/7 to answer your questions and help take the stress out of your travel plans.

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