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  • Summer Travel

    Summer Travel is Hot, Hot, Hot

    Summer Travel Summer is the season for travel. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, Americans take over 600 million long distance trips. In 2001, according to the US Department of Transportation, Americans took 657 million long distance trips during this 16 week period. The average distance traveled one way on these trips was 284 miles. Evidently, the vast majority of travelers stay in the United States for their summer vacation. Only about 3% of people travel internationally.

    Whether your summer travel keeps you in the United States or takes you abroad, we hope you have a chance to enjoy some vacation time this season. At Swift, we’ll be taking the Fourth of July and Labor Day off. The Swift office will be closed on those days, but remember that you can reach us 24/7 for the vast majority of the summer. We can help you renew your passport or get a last-minute visa in time for a spur of the moment international adventure. If you decide to take a road trip this summer, remember that you’ll need a valid passport to get in and out of Canada and Mexico. And if you decide to venture further away, here are some fun summer travel statistics to keep in mind:

    • According to the United States Department of Transportation, the average summer trip is 2.1 nights long. That’s hardly enough time to enjoy an international destination. When we travel, we like to stay in a country for at least two weeks. That gives us time to visit three or four destinations for at least a few days each. Remember that spending too much of your trip traveling from place to place can add a lot of unnecessary stress. Focusing in on a few key destinations will help you relax more and become more immersed in the culture around you.
    • If you are a senior, you should be in very good company on your next international adventure. According to the US Travel Association, about 36% of all leisure travelers from the United States are age 55 and over. Only about 20% of travelers are between the ages of 25 and 34, and a measly 8% of travelers are 18 to 24. Seniors know how to go out and have a great time. Many seniors favor prearranged travel packages that let them see all the most important sites in a country without worrying about booking hotel reservations or figuring out local bus or train schedules.
    • The US Travel Association also found that about 5% of travelers used social networking to help plan their trips in 2012. In 2009, that number was just 2%. We can only imagine that it has gone up significantly since this data was collected. Whenever we plan a new trip, the first thing we do is find out who in our social network has been to the same place and get their advice on where to stay and what to do.

    Wherever you go this summer, let us help you get there. Contact Swift today to renew your passport or get an expedited travel visa.

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