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  • US Passports after Gender Change or Transition

    The information contained in this blog has changed since it was published years ago. For the most update to date information, please read this blog.


    Every day, people change vital information on their US Passports.  When you get married, you may use a marriage certificate to change the name on your passport, when you get divorced, you use a divorce decree.  It’s fairly easy to find the forms and information to make such changes in your life.  Well, what about gender change?  There isn’t a whole lot of information out there on how to legally document this kind of change, and to get your passport to reflect your new gender.  This article is designed to help you do that.  

    In order to get a  10 year expedited US Passport book reflecting a gender other than the one listed on your birth certificate and state identification, you first gather the requirements for a New US Passport.  In addition to these standard requirements, you will need to obtain a letter on letterhead from your doctor containing ALL of the following elements:

    • Physician’s full name
    • Medical license or certificate number of physician
    • Issue date of physician’s medical license/certificate
    • DEA registration number assigned to the physician
    • Address and telephone number of physician
    • Language stating that he/she has treated you or has reviewed and evaluated your medical history and that he/she has a doctor/patient relationship with you
    • Language stating that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for transition to the new gender.  The new gender (male or female) must be clearly stated.
    • A statement saying exactly this: “ I declare under penalty or perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct.”
    •  Letter must be signed and dated

    This letter can be written and signed by a Licensed M.D. and Osteopathic doctor (D.O.), the physician.  The Physicians may specialize in various medical fields, including but not limited to:  internal medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, urology, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, and family practice.  If any of the elements above are not included in the letter, it will probably be rejected and you will need to get a new letter.

    If your gender transition process is ongoing, a two-year limited validity passport book reflecting the new gender will be issued upon a submission of the letter stated above with language from your attending physician that you are in the process of transition to the gender.  You can get this passport replaced with a 10 year passport for free once the gender transition is complete upon request.

    Swift Passport Services has experience helping with new passports and passport renewals for individuals who have had or are undergoing gender change.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance changing the gender listed on your passport, if you have an unusual question, we probably have the answer.  If we don’t we can easily get it for you to make this process as painless as possible.    

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