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  • How to Obtain a Second U.S. Passport

    This article is for the admin that we talk to everyday that have the extremely stressful and difficult job of coordinating employee passports and visas for people who don’t stick around the office long enough to eat lunch, let alone long enough to sit around and wait several weeks for avisa to be issued between international trips.  Good news, your problem is solved!  All we need to do is help you get a second U.S. passport for those elusive international travelers.  While they are traveling abroad on 1 passport, you can have the other here in the USA getting visas for their up-coming trips.  It’s as simple as renewing a passport.

    The U.S. Department of States under special circumstances allows for U.S. citizens to obtain a second valid passport.  The first reason, is to accommodate the frequent international traveler who finds themselves in the sticky situation where they
    do not have time to obtain a visas at foreign consulates in the United States between international trips.  A letter explaining the situation along with proof of purchased tickets for 2 trips is sufficient evidence that you require a second valid passport.  For example, lets say you have to go to Europe next week, and Brazil the following week.  If you take your passport with you to Europe, you will not be able to surrender your passport to the Brazil Consulate to get your Brazil visa.  This is a reason you might need a second passport.  The second scenario that makes you eligible for a second U.S. passport is if you need to travel to a country where you may be turned away because of stamps or visas in your passport from another country.  For example, maybe you travel to Saudi Arabia and Israel for work frequently.  Saudi Arabia may deny you entry into the country if they see that you have a stamp from Israel.  This is a scenario where you would want 2 passports; you could travel to Saudi Arabia on 1 passport, and Israel on the other.

    What do I need to obtain a Second Valid Passport?

    1. Your U.S Passport (we need your physical passport to obtain the 2nd passport)
    2. DS-82 Passport Application
    3. 2 Original Letters of Authorization
    4. Passport Type Photo
    5. Proof of Departure
    6. Request for a Second Valid Passport (1 form, and one personal statement)

    For more information, contact Swift Passport Services at 312.929.2105

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