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  • When it Comes to Lost and Stolen Passports, Americans Feel Secure

    Despite the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 incident, it seems that American travelers aren’t particularly concerned about stolen passports.

    When Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing, it was discovered that two people on the plane were traveling with stolen passports. As a result, the international community has worried about how many people might be traveling with compromised passports. However, it seems that American travelers aren’t particularly concerned, nor should they be.

    According to a new study commissioned by Mandala Research, 83% of Americans are confident in their ability to protect their passport while traveling. Only 2% of respondents reported ever losing or having their passports stolen.

    locked passports
    The survey polled 1,000 respondents representative of the US population in order to find these numbers. Apparently, in the entire group of people polled, everyone with a lost or stolen passport felt that it was easy to report their lost passport and get a replacement.

    Thankfully, our State Department does a great job of responding quickly when citizens find themselves without a passport in a foreign country. It also certainly helps that travelers now have access to the Internet virtually anywhere they go. If you lose your passport while traveling abroad, it’s simple enough to find a computer with Internet access and Google what you should do next.

    If you lose your passport or have it stolen before a big trip, contact Swift Passport Services right away. We can help you report the missing passport and get a replacement before your trip. Even if you discover your passport is lost just a week before your flight, we should be able to help you expedite the process of getting a replacement.

    Keep Your Passport Safe and Secure While Traveling

    While traveling abroad follow these tips to help keep your passport safe at all times. Remember that your passport is an official form of identification and should be treated with the same level of protection as a driver’s license or credit card.

    1. Keep your passport on you at all times. Don’t leave it in a hotel room where it could get stolen. Having it on your body wherever you go is the best way to always know where your passport is.
    2. If you’re traveling with your children, carry their passports for them. Don’t expect them to be responsible with such an important document.
    3. Consider getting a money belt to carry your passport, money, and other important documents. Money belts can be strapped around your waist or worn around your neck under your clothing. Money belts are a simple way to keep your possessions safe, particularly in places that are prone to pick-pocketing.
    4. Don’t flash around your passport any more than you have to. Keep it somewhere secure and private where you’re sure you won’t lose it or forget it.

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