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  • Heading to the World Cup at the Last Minute?

    If you’re waiting to get your World Cup visa, don’t procrastinate, the Brazil Consulate has announced processing time delays for visas

    The World Cup is set to begin in Brazil on June 12th. Thousands of people from the United States will fly down to Brazil for the massive sporting event, but they will all need a Brazil visa before they can get there.

    If you just recently secured a ticket to the World Cup, make sure to get your visa application in as quickly as possible. The Brazilian Consulate has announced that visa processing is taking longer than expected due to the large number of people headed to Brazil for the tournament. The Brazilian Consulate in Washington recently said:

    “Due to the growing additional volume of visa requests, originated by the approaching World Cup, and to the legal obligation approved by the Brazilian National Congress that visas for world-cup spectators be given priority over other services, the Consulate General of Brazil in Washington regrets to inform that there may be delays in the production and delivery of services requested.”

    FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil
    If you haven’t gotten your World Cup visa yet, do not worry.  Swift Passport Services offers expedited visas to Brazil, even for the World Cup, but you still need to hurry. If the Brazil consulate gets too backed up, even our team may not be able to work a miracle. Get your World Cup visa in order ASAP by giving us a call at (877) 917-9438 or stopping by our office. You can get a head start on your application by gathering the documents that you will need for a Brazilian visa. These documents include:

    • A valid US passport with at least two blank pages in the back.
    • A Brazil visa request form. Click on this link to fill out the online request form. Keep in mind that you may get an “untrusted connection” warning when you try to submit your form, but this is because the site’s security certificate was issued by a Brazilian chain and is not recognized by many US browsers. Proceed past the warnings to submit your online form.
    • Proof of travel to Brazil. This is a simple as a copy of your round-trip plane ticket for an itinerary from an international air carrier.
    • One passport type photo.
    • Proof of residence. This can be a copy of your driver’s license or state ID. If you don’t have either of these, a utility bill with your name and address on it will do just fine.
    • A letter of authorization. This can be downloaded and signed here.

    You’ll also want to show proof that you’re visiting Brazil to attend the World Cup. If you can show that you have a ticket to the event in your own name, then you will be able to waive the $160 processing fee for your Brazil visa. People visiting Brazil on business related to the World Cup can also have the fee waived. There is no guarantee that Brazil will waive your fee, but you can give it a shot by providing a legitimate receipt with your name on it for the World Cup tournament.

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