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  • World’s Top Travel Destinations

    US News has released its rankings of the world’s top travel destinations. The great news is that people can travel to most of these destinations with valid US passports, though a few locations on the list require a travel visa, including Brazil, Australia, and China. While you can read through US News’ full list of 25 destinations, below you’ll find the top five ranked cities along a few reasons why you should consider visiting each local:

    1. London

    The United Kingdom’s capital is a wonderful destination for families, couples, and solo travelers. Here you’ll find everything from world-class architecture to top-ranked museums to some of the liveliest nightlife in the world. Head to the Tower of London, the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and Piccadilly Circus to have the time of your life in this historic city filled with modern people and thrilling adventures. Americans visiting London can enter England with a US passport – no visa is required unless you intend to stay for over three months or are visiting for business or study purposes.
    Barcelona www.betcheslovethis.com

    2. Barcelona

    In Barcelona you’ll get to experience exceptional culture and picturesque views everywhere you turn. This bustling city is well known for its architecture, and a tour of the city’s many churches and cathedrals is an absolute must. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and enjoy the nightlife of Las Ramblas. You’ll also love the food in Barcelona – something you might find lacking in London. Americans are able to travel to Barcelona with a valid US passport for tourist travel.

    3. Paris

    The City of Lights tops most travelers’ lists of must-see cities, and with good reason. In the French capital you’ll have the best food you’ve ever tasted, more wine than you can drink, and easy access to some of the most famous architectural feats of the last few centuries, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame. Visitors to Paris can spend a week in the Louvre alone without ever getting bored of the culture and ambience that only Paris can offer. Like London and Barcelona, Paris can be visited with simply a valid US passport.

    4. Maui

    While lovers of Hawaii might contest which island is best, few could deny that Maui offers an exceptional combination of white sand beaches, relaxing hideaways, city nightlife, and pristine nature. Come to Maui for an outdoor adventure filled with hiking and kayaking or to simply lay on the beach with a delicious cocktail. However you prefer to vacation, Maui will surely offer a plethora of opportunities for enjoyment, adventure, and romance. You won’t need your passport to get to Maui — simply a TSA approved form of ID will do.

    5. New York City

    The Big Apple is known for culture, architecture, cuisine, luxury, and so much more. Take in an opera at the Met or get a hotdog at 4AM after dancing the night away in a trendy nightclub. You’ll have to spend a pretty penny to truly enjoy yourself in this city, but the experiences will be worth it. Whether you’re strolling through Central Park or taking in the city skyline from the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll never run out of fascinating and exciting things to do in New York City.
    If you’re traveling to any of these locations from outside of the US, contact Swift Passport Services today to learn more about the travel requirements that apply to you. You can also call us directly at 1.877.917.9438 to learn about documentation you’ll need for traveling to the other 20 destinations on US News’ list.*Barcelona photo courtesy of www.betcheslovethis.com/article/City-Barcelona


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