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  • How Are Airlines Combating Cancelations?

    Flight cancelations have become common over the last year, which has been a nuisance for travelers. Many people are having to delay or miss their trips altogether because of these cancelations, and because of this, some people are even choosing to avoid air travel and opt for another form of transportation. And with these cancelations becoming more frequent, it’s led many to wonder if they can trust airlines to get them to their destination on time.

    So, what are airlines doing (if anything) to combat these cancelations and gain more trust with their customers once again? Furthermore, will the amount of flight cancelations begin to slow down, or will this become a new normal for the airline industry? Here’s what we think you should know.

    Why Are Flights Being Canceled?

    Though flight cancellations happen occasionally and are common in the airline industry, we have seen significantly more flight cancellations during the past year. This is due to numerous factors, including understaffing. Some airlines are having difficulty finding and keeping pilots and other crew members, which means that some flights simply don’t have enough people to run flights efficiently. Another reason why flights are being canceled is that many airports are still using old technology. This old technology can lead to system malfunctions, which can cause flight cancellations.

    Which Airports Have the Most Cancellations?

    Though airports across the globe are having flight cancellations, some airports are currently seeing more cancelations than others. For example, the airports that saw the highest percentage of cancellations from July 19 to July 26, 2023, include:

    • Newark Liberty Airport
    • John F Kennedy International Airport
    • Hartsfield-Jackson International
    • LaGuardia Aiport
    • Boston Logan International
    • Denver International

    How Are Airlines Combating Flight Cancelations?

    Flight cancellations have become a significant issue for travelers, which can cause major headaches for those trying to plan a trip. Airlines know this is a big problem, and thankfully, some airlines are trying to prevent these cancellations. One great example of this is some new technology that American Airlines recently created – the HEAT tool. When severe weather hits and causes flight delays, the HEAT tool optimizes the airline’s flight schedules to try and avoid as many cancellations as possible. In fact, since being created in 2022, the HEAT tool has prevented more than 1,000 flight cancellations.

    Another thing that airlines are doing to combat flight cancellations is hiring more crew. Some airlines have been struggling with staffing shortages during the past few years, and unfortunately, some are still finding it challenging to find workers. But many airlines are doing their best to fill any open positions, which should hopefully decrease the number of flight cancellations in the future.

    What Can I Do if My Flight Gets Canceled?

    If your flight gets canceled, there are some things that you can do. First things first, don’t panic. Instead, sit back, and think about your options. One thing that you can do is contact your airline and see if they can change your flight or give you a refund. If, for some reason, your airline cannot change your flight or give you a refund, you could try to book a flight on another airline or find an alternative form of transportation.

    We understand that flight cancellations can significantly burden your travel plans, but it’s important to stay calm and positive. And though we cannot prevent flight cancelations, we can help you obtain a passport or visa for your next trip! All you have to do is go to the Swift Passport and Visa Services website, fill out your application, complete checkout, and before you know it, you’ll have your travel documents in hand.

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