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  • LGBTQ+ Traveler’s Paradise at Round Hill Hotel and Villas

    Jamaica has historically been a destination that has not been accommodating to the LGBTQ+ community. Because of this many LGBTQ+ travelers typically opt not to visit this destination. However, there is one hotel on the island that is working hard to change age old traditions by boldly welcoming LGBTQ+ travelers and couples. Round Hill Hotel and Villas (“Round Hill”) is an iconic boutique hotel that has been open for over 70 years. R. F. Kennedy, Ralph Lauren, and Prince Harry (and Meghan Markle) are some of the dignitaries that have stayed as guests at this spectacular hotel. 

    The hotel is located in the Hanover area just outside of Montego Bay. The Round Hill team is led by Managing Director Josef Forstmayr and General Manager Jeremy Zuber who are both very passionate about fairness, equality, and hospitality excellence for all guests who stay at the hotel. The Round Hill leadership team has individuals that are members and supporters of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (“IGLTA”) which shows their commitment to welcoming LGBTQ+ travelers. If you are a guest at Round Hill you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly without judgment or harassment.

    LGBTQ+ travelers who choose Round Hill as their accommodations of choice for a vacation to Jamaica can experience the island in a peaceful manner that will be unforgettable. Let’s explore the offerings that make this hotel a gem for LGBTQ+ travelers:


    Upon arrival at the airport you will quickly be greeted by the Round Hill concierge. The concierge will lead you to the private transportation vehicle. At select times the concierge also joins guests on their ride to the hotel which can add an extra layer of safety and reassurance. Round Hill also offers transportation to a nearby golf course, into town for shopping, and to a list of excursions. You can request to have the same driver throughout your stay which is a benefit that can also help to increase the comfort level in traveling throughout the island.


    Round Hill is a perfect choice for LGBTQ+ travelers because of the layout. The hotel is situated on 110 acres and has 3 different options for accommodations which include rooms, suites, and villas. The rooms offer amazing pool and beachfront views which gives guests a picturesque vacation. This room type would work great for LGBTQ+ solo travelers. The suites offer more space and privacy which works well for LGBTQ+ couples. The suites also include a private plunge pool giving you the option to bypass going to the larger public pools. The villas are the largest room type offered and they vary in the number of bedrooms. Each villa comes with a team of staff that are dedicated only to 1 villa. Each villa includes a private pool and these are great for hosting couple’s, groups, and families. Villas can also be used for small and intimate weddings. Each room type at Round Hill offers LGBTQ+ travelers the opportunity to be themselves and enjoy their romantic partners in peace.


    Round Hill has an organic garden and grows many of the vegetables and herbs that are served in the dining experiences. For breakfast there are continental, American, and Jamaican options. There is also a fresh juice bar that serves fresh pressed juice and smoothies. All of the bread and pastries are made from scratch daily. For lunch there are several options that include the restaurant, pool, and the beach. For the pool and the beach there is a dedicated staff that will take your order and bring the food to you so that they can continue to enjoy fun in the sun. Dinner is a highlight at Round Hill as it is held on their outdoor terrace which boasts beautiful water views. Each night there is a different theme for dinner and there is also live entertainment.

    If you have dietary restrictions Round Hill can accommodate them and there are also options for vegetarian and vegan diets on each menu. If you would like to enjoy your accommodations there is also the option to order room service.

    Things to Do

    While Round Hill is a small property, there are a number of activities to do onsite. There are tennis courts and pickleball courts. For those who enjoy fitness and wellness there is a fitness center that is staffed by a personal trainer and there is a spa with experienced therapists. Each day there is an afternoon tea and on select days throughout the week there are complimentary yoga and stretch classes as well as a glass bottom boat ride. If you would like to explore offsite, Round Hill offers a list of activities that you can do and be escorted by one of the Round Hill drivers. Each of these experiences are done in small groups or privately, providing you with a more exclusive experience.

    Historically, Jamaica has not been a top vacation choice for LGBTQ+ travelers, but Round Hill is proving to be a shining star for all guests to enjoy their exceptional hotel. Their non-discriminatory practices and exemplary hospitality make it a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ travel community to vacation at ease. If you would like to consider traveling to Jamaica, make sure that you pay a visit to Round Hill Hotel and Villas.

    1 thought on “LGBTQ+ Traveler’s Paradise at Round Hill Hotel and Villas”

    1. Brendan Monaghan

      I could not agree more. As a gay man who has traveled to Jamaica my whole life with my family I have actually never had a bad experience in Jamaica overall, but particularly not at Round Hill. Round Hill has always been my choice in the past couple of years. I am the former Publisher of Condé Nast Traveler and always found Round Hill to exceed expectations in every single way (from its welcoming of all guesst, to the stunning property and delicious food). The management team is the best in the business and Jamaica is so easy to get to from New York. My husband and I go at least once a year. Great article.

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