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  • Traveling Abroad this Thanksgiving? You’re in Good Company!

    Millions of people will be heading out of town for Thanksgiving. And though it’s true that many of those people will be traveling domestically to see their friends and family, a large number of travelers plan to visit international destinations. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to travel internationally, as there is built-in time off, and work tends to slow down, leaving more time to explore. But where exactly are people planning to visit, and how many people will travel during Thanksgiving, you may ask? Read on for everything we think you should know about Thanksgiving travel in 2024.

    How Many People Will Travel During Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for travel, with millions of people planning domestic and international trips. And according to AAA, a whopping 55.4 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more away from their homes. Out of those 55.4 million, over 49 million people are expected to travel by car and more than 4 million will travel by plane. Though most of these people will travel to see family and friends, some will travel for solely for leisure purposes.

    What Are the Most Popular International Travel Destinations During Thanksgiving?

    You may be surprised to hear that international travel is popular during Thanksgiving, as people like to get away for the holiday. But there are some destinations that are more popular than others. For example, according to AAA, some international destinations that are predicted to be popular during the Thanksgiving holiday season include:

    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    • Rome, Italy
    • Nassau, Bahamas
    • Paris, France
    • London, England

    What Are the Most Popular Domestic Travel Destinations During Thanksgiving?

    Though a considerable number of people will be visiting international destinations this Thanksgiving, there are a lot of people who will be traveling domestically, too. However, AAA predicts that travelers will visit certain domestic destinations than others. Some of the destinations AAA predicts to be popular during Thanksgiving include:

    • Orlando, Florida
    • Miami, Florida
    • Anaheim, California
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Maui, Hawaii
    • San Diego, California

    How Much Does it Cost to Travel During Thanksgiving?

    Depending on where you’re traveling to and how you plan to get there, the cost of travel during Thanksgiving could vary. For example, according to AAA, domestic flights on average cost $681, while international flights cost $1,231 on average. When it comes to the cost of staying at a hotel, you can expect to pay $598 on average for a domestic hotel and $772 on average for an international hotel, according to AAA. Be sure to keep these prices in mind and try to find ways that you can save yourself some money while traveling this holiday season.

    How Can I Get a Passport For My Upcoming Holiday Travels?

    If you have plans to travel this holiday season and need an expedited passport, we can help! Swift Passport Services is a leader in expedited passports, and we’d love to work with you to help you get your passport in time for your international travels. Simply visit our website to begin the application process and checkout. Our team of travel experts will then process your application and send your passport to you once it’s ready.

    Thanksgiving Travel Tips

    Gather Your Travel Documents the Night Before Your Trip

    Preparing for an international trip during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year can be hectic. So, to ensure that you don’t put any extra stress on your shoulders, gather your travel documents the night before your trip. Grab your passport and driver’s license and place it into your travel bag or purse. This way, you’ll know exactly where your important documents are the morning of your trip.

    Get to the Airport Early

    The airport is going to be busier than usual during Thanksgiving, and you want to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your gate. That’s why we highly recommend that you get to the airport earlier than normal. If you will be traveling domestically, arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. If you’ll be traveling to an international destination, be sure to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.

    Only Bring Carry-On Luggage

    Finally, try to bring only a piece of carry-on luggage, rather than checking in a suitcase. When you travel during the holidays, you can expect the airport to be busier than normal, and the last thing you want to do is wait in line to check in your luggage, and then wait again to retrieve it at baggage claim. Trust us, make it easier on yourself and opt for a carry-on piece of luggage.

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