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  • Can I Travel With An Expired Passport?

    Your flights are booked, you’ve reserved a room with a breathtaking view, and you know exactly what excursions you’ll be taking part in – your perfect vacation in Thailand awaits! As you reminisce on past trips, you decide to take a look at all the passport stamps you’ve collected over the years. No. It can’t be. With one turn of a page, it seems that your dream vacation is slipping away before your very eyes. You’ve noticed that your passport has expired and there’s only one week before your trip. Now what?

    Considering that your passport only expires once every ten years, it can be extremely easy to overlook the expiration date while planning an international trip. Even worse, some destinations require six months’ validity on your passport. So what can you do if you’re one of those unfortunate travelers who forgot to check their passport’s expiration date? Is it possible to travel on an expired passport?

    Are There Any Loopholes That Allow Someone to Travel on an Expired Passport?​

    The short answer is, no. The only way anyone ever gets through airport security with an expired passport is with pure luck, and hoping that the airport they’re in has a poor security system. Even if you somehow make it through security with an expired passport, you could potentially end up stuck at your vacation destination once customs realizes that your passport is invalid. The last thing you want to happen after a long flight is to be told you’re going right back where you came from.

    Overall, what will likely happen if you try and travel on an expired passport is that you’ll get stopped by airport security, and will be denied boarding your flight. Say goodbye to that long-awaited vacation. 

    How Swift Can Help Get a New Passport in Your Hands​

    If you have an expired passport, don’t risk it – use Swift’s expedited passport service instead! When you use our expedited passport service, you could have a new passport in hand within one to three business days. As soon as you realize your passport is expired, please give us a call at (877) 917-9438 and we’d be happy to work with you to get a new passport in your hands before your trip.

    Even if you’ve only realized that your passport is expired 24 hours before your trip, there’s still a chance that we can get you a passport. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to explore every single possibility of getting you a new passport by the deadline.

    An out of date passport cannot help you travel internationally or even domestically. Although, it can serve as a second form of identification for situations such as making a big purchase that requires two forms of identification, or you can hang onto it for the stamps that you’ve collected.

    Please, don’t take the chance of trying to get to your destination on an expired passport. Contact our passport and visa experts today to begin the process of renewing your passport so that you don’t miss a single second of your getaway. No matter where you’re traveling, we’ll get you there!

    22 thoughts on “Can I Travel With An Expired Passport?”

    1. Hello Sir
      my name is Hela Yarteh .SYRIAN NATIONALITY .unfortunately my passport is expired
      i need to travel and renew it in syria
      could i travel with an expired passport ..
      thank you for reading my claim



    2. Dear Sir
      As i mentioned before that i have an expired Syrian passport , so, is possible to travel for Syria and renew it.
      hopefully there is a way to do it .
      thank again for being patient .
      Hela Yarteh

    3. Dear Hela,

      Pakistan passport expired on 01st of this month & she has to travel 31st of this month to Pakistan . Is it possible?

    4. hello my name is Mukesh I have us passport it has valid Indian visa but that passport is expired but I already renewed my us passport can I travel to India with both passport one which is expired but has valid visa and one which is renewed

    5. Dear Sir,

      My name is Manar. I’m currently in Yemen and I have an expired American passport. As you may know Yemen is now going through a civil war so the American Embassy is closed …” until further notice”… I need to renew my passport but I don’t know if I can go from Yemen to Djibouti with an expired passport…


      1. Hello Manar, please call the US Department of State emergency line: +1 202-501-4444. They will have the best information for your situation.
        Please stay safe.

    6. Its possible to exit doha Qatar and enter my home country Philippines before may passport expired? My flight is in december 24, 2018 And my passport will expired in janunary 5, 2019 they will allow me to exit doha? Thank you

      1. There are a lot of unknown variables here… like where your passport was issued, if you’re a resident of the USA. Most likely, you will not be able to get onto a flight with an expired passport

    7. Claudia Gonzalez

      My son is 17 he is traveling by him self with an expired American passport . He is flying a domestic flight. Is that OK?

      1. If he doesn’t have a state ID or any other forms of identification, he will likely have a difficult time traveling with just an expired passport. Him getting on a plane is at the discretion of TSA and the airline. We would highly recommend either renewing the passport or obtaining a state ID.

    8. Hello , i’m a Moroccan studying in china , my passport is going to expire after 4 months , i wanna travel to Vietnam i got a visa to travel to vietnam in my passport , can i travel by this passport just for short period ?

      1. Vietnam requires 6 months of validity on your passport to enter the country. It would be unlikely that they would grant you entry with 4 months.

    9. Michael ifeadi

      Hi my name is micheal . We ( I and my family)are canada resident permit holders. We hold a nigeria Passport. Unfortunately we were returning to canada and have booked our flight when we realized our nigeria passport has expired.. on enquiry we were told that the nigeria immigration has run out of passport booklets and unfortunately we had booked our travel flight tickets.. what do we do?

    10. I am traveling to Aruba on Sunday March 28th. My passport expired February 27th. Is there anything I can do to save my trip? Please Help!!!

    11. Hello, my passport expires in September, I’m traveling to Mexico in November. Would it be enough time to get my passport renewed? I know there’s a delay due to Covid. Or is there a form I can fill to get permission to go out/travel. Please advise.

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