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  • Nevis Island Paradise

    Are you looking for a really cool destination in the Caribbean that is a little more off the beaten path? Well its time to check out Nevis then!

    The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is made up of the 2 islands; Saint Kitts, and Nevis. A Channel called “The Narrows” separates the 2 islands, as is also home to a beautiful barrier reef teaming with reef fish and coral. The western Nevis Island

    and northern  coastlies have sandy beaches composed of a mixture of white coral sand with brown and black sand, which is eroded and washed down from the volcanic rocks that make up the island. Did we mention that that Nevis has a huge volcano in the middle of the island? Yes, huge volcano, smack dab in the middle that typically has white fluffy clouds all around the top. On a clear and breezy day, you are lucky to see the top of the volcano. Most days, the clouds stay all day causing bursts of shade on the sunny beaches and frequent sunny rainstorms that only last a few minutes.

    Here are some hot spots to consider visiting while you are there, let us know how you like them! Keep in mind that getting around is easy as there is an excellent cab system, and the main language on the island is English.

    Bananas: Bananas Bistro is located high on a mountain. Look no further if you are a foodie, you are guaranteed to have a memorable eating experience here. The flavors of local spices and seafood, and the smells of traditional dishes coming from the kitchen into the open aired restaurant will tease your taste buds and leave you wanting more. The atmosphere is magical; the small space is brightly colored and made to make you feel like you are dining in a tree house. Have a rum drink up on the roof with the birds and lizards, and wander through the treasure-filled gardens in front. Enjoy the over-the top service. This is a true eating experience, not just dinner, don’t miss Bananas!   Oualie Beach

    Oualie Beach: Oualie Beach Resort is located in a protected bay with a sandy beach and palm trees. If you are an adventurer and don’t need a fancy hotel, this is a great option. Scuba and snorkel charters go out daily to some of the very best dive sights in the Caribbean. Staff is friendly and stays out of your way, and there is a fun (small) outdoor bar that is perfect for a mid-day beer and burger. Great place to grab a quick breakfast before going out for a dive. Very reasonably priced too! No frill, no fuss!

    The 4 Seasons: If you are taking a trip with the kids and want to be pampered and eat some awesome food, the 4 Seasons is for you. The Kids club is really popular, and your kids will be worn out every night! Pools, beaches, fine restaurants on the sea, world renown golf course, and a tribe of monkeys to watch will keep you as busy as you want, or as relaxed as you want. Treat your special someone to a spa day- 5 stars all the way!

    Nevis Peak Tour: Have some energy to burn? Hike up Mount Nevis! You probably don’t want to navigate this solo, we recommend hiring Nevis Adventure Tours or another local guide, as the hike can take all day, and can be muddy and slippery!. You can’t beat the view and feeling of accomplishment you get from reaching that peak!

    Nevis Peak TourCoconut Grove: Located on an uninhibited sandy beach, Coconut Grove is a must see dinner venue. Unsuspecting local dishes, the best assortment of wine on the island, and wonderful views await. The owners have done a beautiful job, and go to great lengths to serve local food that is sustainably produced. Plan a party and bonfire on the beach, or relax at the bar with a rum drink and appetizer, you can’t go wrong at Coconut Grove!

    Don’t forget that all travelers require a valid passport to get to this amazing spot!

    Did we mention one of your favorite spots? If not, we would love to hear about it, please feel free to post so we can get our travelers to all of the best places!



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