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Swift is the go-to choice for busy travelers in need of expedient and reliable travel document procurement.  For over 15 years, we have helped customers reach their end destinations with our dependable visa and passport services.

How It Works

Swift Passport & Visa Services is here to guide customers step-by-step through a process that can be extremely difficult to navigate alone.  While tasks for securing your passport or visa will involve several steps, here is what you can generally expect the process to look like:

Start Your Order

Once you start your order, you'll be asked a few, simple questions which will help us direct you to the correct passport or visa product for your upcoming travel. You'll then enter the information required to process your passport or visa order.

Submit Your Order

After you've provided the requested information and have remitted payment, you will be provided with a checklist of requirements and documents needed for your passport or visa. Swift will supply the list and guide you step-by-step.

Send Required Documents

Passports and regular visas will require that you ship documents to us. We ask that you ship these documents through FedEx or UPS (not USPS). If you're applying for an E-Visa, no shipping will be required as everything is completed online.

Get Your Passport Or Visa

Once your paperwork is submitted, you get to sit back and relax while we double check your paperwork to ensure everything is correct and procure your passport or visa. We'll always communicate the status of your travel documents, so you don't have to worry!

Documents You'll Need

Before you start your order, please review the list below to better understand the documents you will need to move forward with your passport or visa application.  Having some of these documents ready-to-go will expedite the process. 



About Swift

Swift Passport & Visa Services was founded in 2007 and is authorized to act as a professional emissary between our customers, the U.S. Department of State, and various foreign consulates. We help customers across the country with matters related to:

  • U.S. Passports
  • International Travel Visas
  • E-Visas

If you do not wish to use a third party service like Swift, you may visit the U.S. Department of State or foreign embassy’s website at any time. However, if you’re looking to make the travel document process easy and want a team of experts to help you along the way, know that you’ll be in great hands with Swift!

Why Choose Swift Passport & Visa Services

Travel Experts

Travel Experts

The Swift team consists of travel experts who have decades of industry experience. From processing passports, to understanding the ever-changing requirements for visas, our team is highly knowledgeable and eager to help. Count on our expertise to make the travel document process easy for you.

Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

We're a small team, but a mighty one! Since the day we started Swift, customer service has been our top priority. We're able to provide the same solutions larger companies offer, but with the special attention to detail that only a smaller team can deliver. At Swift, every customer matters. We go out of our way to ensure each interaction is positive and personable.



Applying for a passport or visa is one of the most frustrating things a person can do. We do our part to make sure the process is easy and convenient for every customer. Whether you want your paperwork reviewed by an expert, need to know which step is next, or have questions, our entire team is here to guide you.



We are effective communicators who know how important timelines are, especially when our customers are about to depart for international trips. Our team will always provide you with up-to-date information about your travel documents and go the extra mile to make sure you remain informed.

Better Business Bureau

Happy Customers

Kristin Y.
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The peace of mind of knowing that they would help expedite the process and track the progression was well worth the price. I was thrilled to receive my new passport in just over 3 weeks, when I had only requested 4-6 week turnaround.
Ryan K.
Read More
Swift saved our European vacation! Our 10 year-old daughter needed a new passport and we didn’t have a lot of time. They were able to get her new passport to us in under 24 hours. Great service and communication.
Stephan B.
Read More
I can seriously state that SWIFT saved my marriage and sanity!…. I was referred to SWIFT by a friend who swears by their service. I was not disappointed. I got my documents In order and by some miracle I had my replacement passport In UNDER 2 WEEKS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swift Passport & Visa Services was founded in 2008 and is authorized to act as a professional emissary between our customers, the U.S. Department of State, and various foreign consulates.  However, we are not a government agency. 

If you need a passport or a visa, you can complete your process on your own.  However, the passport and visa process involve many steps, complex paperwork, and timelines that most people get frustrated by.  People also make mistakes while trying to do it alone that can lead to delays in getting their passports and visas.  With our services, you have a team of travel experts on your side who are happy to guide you through the process, ensure your paperwork is correct, and will procure your travel documents in a timely manner.

We understand that our service may seem expensive to you.  Please remember that the total for your order also includes standard fees that are paid to the Government, Consulates, and shipping.  We try to keep the actual cost for our service reasonable and guarantee that your experience working with our team will be exceptional every step of the way.

With our expedited service, you can receive your passport renewal on just 7 to 10 days.  Appointments for passport renewal are limited, so you'll want to book yours as soon as possible.  We also offer a routine service in which we're able to process in 5 to 7 weeks for those who are not in a rush.

If you are going international, you will need a passport and in some case, you may need a visa.  You can use our site as a resource!  We'll tell you exactly what travel documents you need for your trip when you start an order.

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